What Does the Future Look Like for the Pet Grooming Industry?

With Lashonda Geffrard

Just like people, it’s important that our dogs and other pets are well-cared for and live healthy, happy lives. Part of that is proper grooming. As any pet owner knows, grooming your fur baby can be a bit of a pain. Lucky for us, we have pet groomers.

Pet grooming has gained increasing popularity in the African-American community where many entrepreneurs are starting to dip their toes in the water. One such entrepreneur is Lashonda Geffrard.

Lashonda has been in the pet grooming industry for over a decade. Throughout that time, she earned a wealth of experience on pet-grooming and she continues to learn to this day. A strong, smart woman who values education more than anything else, Lashonda encourages others to pursue whatever it is they want to achieve in their lifetime while continuing to learn new things everyday. She’s here to empower and remind people, especially women of color, to never stop learning.

Grooming goes beyond cutting hair and claws.

A good groomer should be well-rounded and have a full understanding of all areas of pet care. This lets you provide the right care to the pets you groom and connect with pet owners beyond the aesthetic sense. And this was something that Lashonda understood.

She started her pet grooming journey with the decision to become a vet, stumbling upon pet grooming almost by accident. Once she found it, she dove into it and enrolled in the Florida Institute of Animal Arts while also being employed at a pet grooming salon. This was a great opportunity to learn on the job and put theories into practice.

As an apprentice, Lashonda eagerly absorbed knowledge, aided by her belief that the trick is to learn like a five year old. She would listen intently and soak in whatever she could from experts in the field.

A movement, a spark.

Today, Lashonda is a member of The Black Groomers’ Association’s (BGA) board of directors. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, the BGA was formed to create a set of standards for pet-groomers everywhere and offer them a platform to connect with each other and share useful resources.

The pandemic hit many industries hard, but fortunately pet grooming is here to stay. Since many people have been staying at home, they’ve had more time to spend with their pets. And since not everyone knows how to properly groom their fur babies, the demand for professional pet groomers has gotten higher and higher.

For those looking to enter the industry, here are some of Lashonda’s lessons that you can apply in pet grooming and life in general:

  • Be humble

  • Learn like a five year old

  • Always Ask questions

  • Read as many books as you can

  • Take online classes

  • Gain real-world experience

  • Listen to the experts

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