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The Future is Automation

With Natasha and Chinwe

Business tools and technology continue to innovate to help business owners simplify routine tasks, minimize errors, and scale their businesses. Thus, the world of automation was born.

Automation enables you to increase productivity while reducing the time spent on any given task. Need to look for leads? Automation is the answer. Need to follow up on an old client? An automated system will do the trick.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use yet comprehensive automated system, try Pocketsuite. Pocketsuite is a mobile app that helps anyone who works with clients manage their day-to-day tasks. From communicating with clients to processing payments, you can run a big portion of your business all from your smartphone. This is especially useful for pet-sitters looking to expand their client base.

Chinwe, the CEO of Pocketsuite, recently discussed its features and how they can be useful for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Pocketsuite was created when Chinwe and her team saw three problems that they believe they can solve: booking, payment, and everything else that happens in between getting booked and getting paid.

Booking is made simpler by texting, sending clients booking links through social media platforms or your email signature. They see your services upfront and can book you from anywhere! Your booking page can also be customized with your logo and brand colors.

Using Pocketsuite, you can capture the time it takes to do each job and even schedule when the invoices are sent out. Even better, invoices can be sent via text. Emails don’t get attended to 24/7, but we’re always on our phones checking new text messages. Invoices sent straight to your inbox ensure that you get paid within 24 hours or less. Personalizing invoices, scheduling, and including contracts in your invoice are now made easier with Pocketsuite.

To stay in business and grow your business, you have to have the right marketing tools. Luckily, Pocketsuite also has that. Smart campaigns are messages you can send to reconnect with old clients, keep current clients in the loop, or to simply greet them a happy birthday.

Pocketsuite also has a smart CRM system that automatically detects missed calls and informs the caller of your availability. When someone hasn’t booked in a while, you can customize a special message and create promotions to encourage them to make a booking.

Other things you can do on Pocketsuite include:

  • Do research on all pet-sitting related information and articles, from finding leads to tips on expanding your business

  • Read blogs related to your niche and business

  • Itemize all the jobs—including pickups and dropoffs

  • Create contracts for your clients

  • Create forms for clients to fill out

  • Get bookings from any kind of device—from mobile to desktop,

  • Show full services and availability

  • Track analytics

It’s an all-in-one application for your growing business! Try it out here [insert link to Pocketsuite].

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