Streamlining the Recruitment Process Through Technology

With Sarah Paz

From putting up attractive job listings to getting the best candidates, 2020 has made it harder for almost every company to recruit new employees. Aside from the competition becoming fiercer, the pandemic has made the entire procedure more unmanageable as we all shift into a virtual setup.

Small-and-medium-sized businesses need to get the manpower that will help their company grow. But more often than not, companies find themselves jumping from one candidate to another. This is because they either cannot find qualified candidates or get qualified ones that are unresponsive.

JazzHR’s Sarah Paz took the time to share with us a powerful and innovative recruitment system that I personally love to use. JazzHR not only helps businesses streamline their hiring process, but they also help candidates land the job that best suits their skills and expectations. It’s a win-win for both sides!

Sarah has emphasized that having an effective job listing can also make a difference in your recruitment process. Here are some of her tips on streamlining your recruitment process:

  • Creating a great job description. While everyone can put out an attractive job listing, it all boils down to how many applicants you can get from it. One way to improve your description is by being transparent about what you are looking for and what the candidate should expect. Remember that your goal is to recruit the best candidates suited for the role and not just to fill an empty seat at your table.

  • Making an impression. Aside from putting out a captivating description for your job opening, consider including content that speaks of the company’s culture and values. By making sure your careers page showcases what your company offers, applicants will remember that your organization is a place worth working at.

  • Preparing for each search. Understanding the needs of a perfect candidate will greatly help you in setting up a search strategy. Consider putting up your job listings on multiple platforms, so you can make it easier for the type of applicants that you want to find you.

  • Stand out as an employer. Making your company’s edge clear is one way to stand out amongst the sea of recruiters. But more than that, you should consider leveraging technology like JazzHR so your recruitment process is not only efficient for you but for your applicants as well.

A well-crafted job description is the first step to attracting the best talents for your company. But as you go deeper into the process of recruitment, you’ll find the data overwhelming. With applications coming in from left to right, it might be hard for you to keep track and sort all those great prospects.

This is where an applicant tracking system or recruiting software platform really shines. Instead of rummaging through hundreds of files, all you need are just a few clicks, and you’ll have any candidate’s information at your fingertips. You can also access the software through your mobile phone, which gives you the luxury to check in on applicants at any time.

Investing in recruitment softwares like JazzHR will definitely save you significant time and money that you should be using for more important things in your business.

Let Sarah walk you through the advantages and features of JazzHR. Just contact her through her email or call her at (412) 227 9688. You can also catch her in our all-access membership group.

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