Solo Pack Leader

With Jess Bay

As a pet business coach myself, I respect and acknowledge the expertise of other pet business coaches. We each have our own niche and the pet business industry actually has a wide array of opportunities.

Today, we have Jess Bay from the School for Dog Walkers sharing her experience as a pet business coach who specializes in teaching solo-preneurs. Jess has her own dog hiking company and does off-leash pack hikes in the San Francisco Bay area. While her business started back in 2006, Jess has been working in the pet industry since 1997! That’s a heck of a lot of experience!

One can definitely survive as a solo-preneur and if you prefer to do the services yourself and it's your passion, go for it. Let Jess walks you through the must-knows when it comes to living a solo-preneur life:

  1. Automate your business where you can. As a solo-preneur, you have to be on top of everything and a whole variety of software is always available for you to manage your one-woman/man show.

  2. Pricing can be tricky but if you know your worth and you have the skills and tools to provide a premium experience, then you should attract clients looking for the same for their dogs.

  3. Figure out a scheduling system that does not burn you out. This is where pack walks are really good. You maximize your time and income by going on walks with the dogs grouped together. It also keeps the socialization going but just be sure that you can handle the pack!

  4. Vacations and days off are also a must, just be ready to refer a backup walker and inform clients at least 30 days prior.

  5. Don’t forget to get an insurance policy that covers you and the dogs. If you’re looking at doing off-leash walks, your insurance also has to cover that.

Jess has so much experience that her list of useful tips can go on forever. She just has so much knowledge to share. For those who are interested in learning more from her, the School for Dog Walkers is your best bet.

The School for Dog Walkers is an online educational program where Jess coaches students every month. She also provides a ton of content. It’s great for people who are just starting out or for those who are already in business but struggling. It’ll help you start and/or grow a profitable business, even if you want to stay solo.

Jess is a really good example of someone who has taken ownership of her style, her business model, and it works perfectly for her. It’s a business model that Jess herself has been using for the past 13 years, going on 14 now. Obviously, it has been--and continues to be--profitable and effective!

You can contact Jess by email:, Facebook, and Instagram. She has also prepared a couple of free downloads for us, so just head over to

We will definitely try to get her back in our Start. Scale. Sail. membership group for a deep dive on the solo-preneur life.

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