How to Trademark Your Business

With Courtney Ceacal

Courtney Ceacal is the President of Poop Busters Inc, a pet waste management service. For Courtney, trademarking is a very significant step in a person’s journey as a business owner, if not the most significant. Why? Trademarking is actually a lot more important than simply thinking of a creative and witty name for your business and reserving it for yourself. It’s more about you coming into your own with how you want to run your business and solidifying your identity in your specific industry.

Trademarking is also the safest and most effective way to protect your business. If anyone ever tries to rip off your unique selling proposition, you’ll be protected by the law itself, provided you have the proper trademark, that is.

So how exactly do you trademark your business? Here’s what Courtney has to say:

Much like everything else that’s business-related, there is a strict process to follow. The first and most basic step involves checking out the Trademark Electronic Search System on the USPTO website. This will end up saving you a lot of time and future head-scratching because you’ll be able to start your business confidently with the knowledge that you did not choose a name that’s already been taken by another business owner.

After you’ve selected your business name, next comes the paperwork. For this step, you can choose to either do all of the paperwork yourself, or you can hire a law firm to help you out. In my experience, it helps to hire a law firm, especially if you’re unfamiliar with a lot of the legalese that you’ll no doubt encounter. It probably won’t cost you as much (hopefully), and you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and time spent trying to understand all that jargon on your own.

It also really helps if your business name is as descriptive and as catchy as you can make it. If possible, it should give a good idea of what your business is about, including what services or products you have to offer. That way, you’ll be able to create instant brand recognition just based on your business name alone.

Once you’ve gotten everything set up, you’ll be the owner of your very own unique, trademarked business.

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