A Military Mindset - Calm in the Face of Adversity

With Miguel Rodriguez

Why do some people excel in areas where others have failed to deliver? Research says, it’s all about the mindset. The right mindset enables an individual to grow and succeed throughout life’s many challenges. What you think and how you think play a critical role on how you are able to cope with adversity. But how does this apply to business, specifically, in the pet care industry?

City Dog Pack owner Miguel Rodriguez shares his insights on mindset and the importance of saying no. A former marine who valiantly served in Iraq in 2007, Miguel founded City Dog Pack after he retired from the prestigious USMC.

Starting from the bottom of the food chain, Miguel Rodriguez diligently worked his way up the ranks. He did all the dirty work with no excuses. By first learning how to be a good follower, he was able to create a rock-solid foundation to become the good leader and business owner that he is today.

When the pandemic hit, it put a lot of pressure on Miguel’s business, including his employees and financial assets. But with the training he got from the Marine Corps, pressure was his playground. People relied on him for support, so it was important for him to remain steadfast and confident in his decisions.

Despite his best efforts to maintain a well-poised demeanor, there were also moments of weakness. Compassion fatigue becomes fairly common in his line of work. Sometimes, the more you try to please others and empathize with them, the more you lose compassion for yourself.

When this happened, Miguel took the time to find the right headspace and regain his momentum to get rid of the unnecessary distractions and get back on track.

He shared that these can come in the form of daily practices and small, steady routines, such as starting your mornings with a good cup of coffee.

Here are Miguel’s tips for pet owners and struggling entrepreneurs:

  • Poise under pressure.

  • Build a routine.

  • Take care of yourself, your family, and your dogs.

  • Go on a hike without a phone. Bring a dog.

  • Learn to say no even to your staff or family members.

  • Find little moments to take care of yourself.

  • Get things down. Your mind is for creating, not storing.

  • Make sure to take advantage of every minute that you have.

  • Listen to business podcasts, and/or read books on dog behaviors.

  • Put on whatever makes you feel more confident whether it’s a shirt, a tactical vest, or a driving style. Let the physical translate into a mindset.

  • Put on your uniform and walk with pride.

  • Be self-aware. Be mindful of strengths and weaknesses. Keep your ego in check.

  • Be brutally honest with yourself.

  • Outsource and delegate.

  • Boost people’s morales. Make them feel like they are contributing to a team.

  • Don’t be so focused on sales. At this point in time, no one is making a lot of money.

  • Put yourself out there.

  • Be confident. Practice, learn and implement.

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