Meet Your Coach

Meet Natasha O’Banion, founder of Start. Scale. Sail, a 8 week online intensive that facilitates small businesses in designing and executing their ultimate game plan, leading each client to professional freedom, increased know-how, and long-term success.

Strategic Gamechanger and Leader in Business

Natasha O’Banion has 15 years of extensive marketing and sales background from the automotive industry. She has successfully occupied roles such as Client Relations, General Manager, Executive Assistant, Service Advisor, Aftermarket Sales, and Automotive Finance Manager, and she has ranked highest among her peers in sales goals, high-pressure environments, and meeting deadlines. Natasha is a highly respected straight shooter, known for her no-filter approach. Some know her as an open book, happy to share a story or moment in her life, as her
empathetic nature allows everyone in her presence to feel comfortable, acknowledged, and valued.


“The pet care industry isn’t easy, and it’s surely not for everyone, but if this is what you want, stick with it, and I’ll help you get clear and focused and find a more efficient way to achieve success,” -Natasha shares.

After her tenure in the automotive industry, Natasha enjoyed a well-deserved sabbatical to process her next move. Once again realizing that dogs are her first passion, she bravely decided to take on the pet care industry, thus creating a dog walking and pet sitting company, from inception to success status. Natasha is one of the few entrepreneurs in the industry to earn six figures in only six months, an incredible feat, given the short amount of time, unpredictable market, and specific arena. During this pivotal time, Natasha became a mother, and so, she put her company on autopilot to fulfill another one of her dreams – traveling freely across the globe with the people she loves most. As Natasha’s business continues to thrive, and she explores new places near and far, she has decided to reach back into the communities that have welcomed her ventures, now sharing several different ways to help others reach professional freedom and gain valuable knowledge regarding business strategies.
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


Working closely with each client, Natasha identifies end goals, pinpoints key objectives, and devises thorough strategies to lead to full automation, leverage, and detailed marketing plans. Natasha takes great pride and joy in leaving clients better than she found them, ensuring a detailed plan for elevation and feasible management.

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