Take control
of your business & life with Automated CEO!

Create a thriving business and life with balance & ultimate freedom.

Yes, you can—with a little help from an integrator and a lot of systems, automation, & consistency!

Imagine a life where you're building a thriving business, making an impact on more lives and creating a legacy for future generations.


Yes, generations...

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A 12-month program helping entrepreneurs scale through systems, processes and automation. Our CEOs learn how to identify and clear business bottleneck so they can feel confident letting their sales machine run on its own.

Freedom to travel, to pursue your hobbies, to spend more quality time
with your family and loved ones.

Freedom to slow down, to make time for yourself,

or to pursue that big goal on your personal bucket list.

You’d probably start to feel fulfilled and check the box off on the many reasons you became a business owner.


Am I right?

What if you can automate your systems and design effective strategies to alleviate stress, much frustration, trust a high performance team, increase productivity, and confidently empower your operation?

With automated CEO, you can!

Automated CEO

Over the course of 12 months, we'll cover:


1. Showing up confidently to your audience

2. How to host a Virtual Summit from Scratch

3. How to make content that converts 

4. Debrief on Affiliate Marketing

1. The Winner's mindset

2. How to create your game plan

3. Branding & Positioning 

4. Marketing & Sales proven practices

5. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

6. How to seamlessly implement systems & automation into your  business

7. Understanding your numbers

8. Hiring a High Performance Team

9. Client retention

10. Established business boundaries

11. Expansion

12. How to trust, delegate, & empower your operation

This training will help you generate higher conversions throughout the entire Start. Scale. Sail Lifecycle. Understanding that you are the true visionary and leader of your business. It’s ok to let go in order to take your company from good to great by clearly defining your vision. You’ll bypass frustrations, burn out and glass ceilings bottlenecking your vision. Our team of integrators help you identify the holes to move forward in proven and actionable ways.

“Vision without execution… is just hallucination."


What our CEOs are saying.


Kaila Piepkow

Founder, Creative Director


Kaila Piepkow

Founder, Creative Director


Kaila Piepkow

Founder, Creative Director


It’s time to start living the life you’ve created!

Are you in?

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The Start Scale Sail Method

Get the step-by-step framework we use to create a work from anywhere life with balance and ultimate freedom!


Kick off or refresh your business, its offers and packaging.


Client Attraction System, Hiring and building out your organization.


Become as hands-off as possible while watching your business grow and reach new heights.


Duplicating your expansion process, setting boundaries and stepping into the CEO seat.

Time to enjoy other passions in your life!

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Visionary and Integrator (VI) Natasha O’Banion stepped out on blind faith to stop trading time for financial freedom. Then, an Automotive Financial Sales Manager Natasha decided to start over. Without much thought she packed up her life in Washington, DC for the sunny state of Florida. A true dog lover, Natasha and her two dogs Renzo and Ruby enjoyed five months on the beach before deciding to start a pet care business.


Her business scaled to 6 figures in just 6 months by having a clear plan on company, people and process. Her process now duplicates in four states as she continues the mission to help business owners create operations that work on their terms.


Now wife and mother to three beautiful girls, Natasha wholeheartedly believes and exemplifies that your business should work for you and your family. Your vision- the destination, your team- the driver and your systems- direct traffic. 


When Natasha isn’t helping her clients, you can find her travelling with her husband and children or spending time at the park with their four fur babies. 

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Meet Your Coach,


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Accountability Membership Society

Like-minded entrepreneurs finding solutions to everyday road bumps and celebrating wins together.


  • Bi-weekly group coaching sessions

  • Guest speakers from industry professionals to help navigate new topics each month

  • And more!

$147/month (No contract; month-to-month payments)

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Digital Admin Support

Being a solopreneur means you already have enough on your plate. Let us help with the mundane, day-to-day tasks to give you some freedom back!


  • Canva graphic creation

  • Membership Group Moderators

  • Social Media Scheduling

  • Invoicing

  • And more!

20, 40, or 60 hours of support!

You don't have to navigate business alone.

Entrepreneurship can feel like a lonely road sometimes, right? Lots of long days and nights spent working, chasing your dreams and doing what you need to do to take your business to the next level. Well spend those nights with these additional tools and services to help with the overwhelm.

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Step Into the CEO Seat
Where You Will
Work ON Your
vs IN Your Business!


Join the Automated

CEO Challenge!

During this 5-day event, we teach you how to level up your business!

Day 1: Visionary
Day 2: Scalable Offers
Day 3: Systems that Sell
Day 4: Irresistible Brand
Day 5: Delegating - Hiring a Team

Why do people love the CEO Challenge?

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Heidi & Hope
Pet Services

"I love @natashaobnaion and her AMAZING pet business coaching!"



"Natasha O'Banion was so amazing on our call the other day!!! Please get with her now!"

Rick Smithson

"I am really enjoying everything that I am learning from this group. I look forward to the conversations in our group as well as our zoom"

Rick Landry

"Natasha O' Banion helped me make a schedule that includes time dedicated to making content and it's been game changer batching it out. Only one week in but its helped already.


Will there be a Facebook group?

Yes! Meet like minds who are also taking the challenge.

Is the challenge recorded?

Recordings are live in the Facebook group until the last day of the challenge.

Can I take the challenge with a business partner?

We offer affiliate partnerships where you will earn a commission from your referrals.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Continuing Education.

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Head over to our YouTube channel for monthly training, or tune into our podcast to Start, Scale, and Sail your biz!

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